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I decided to start the hundred day journalling project on my own, but pretty soon my mind started to send out feelers on the internet.  I had announced it on my facebook page and a couple of people showed some interest in doing a project for themselves.  Then, quite by magic, I found an artist and creative coach called Jen Morris, who was going to be starting a free 5 day intuitive journalling challenge.  I thought the timing perfect, as I was wondering about what on earth I should be putting in my journal and what kind of tone to set the whole thing in. (How ‘deep’ or ‘honest’ should one be on the internet?).  I was glad that the challenge facilitated a closed facebook page where others on the journey could share and support each other.

Although I did not write for as long as I used to, my intention for this week ahead jumped out after only a few sentences.  I need to uncover the hurt child of my past to recover my authentic self.  Here are my two pages from today.